Usecase of SwapXI Ecosystem

What is SwapXI?
SwapXI is a social token that leverages blockchain technology to make the gaming scene unique by including community members in decision-making, giving them a large stake in the development. It is an all-in-one ecosystem that combines streaming, the NFT marketplace, gaming, and betting facilities in the gaming industry under one roof while protecting community members’ privacy, security, and autonomy.
SwapXI ecosystem :
● Streamcash: A platform where streamer and viewer both earns token
● Senpaiz: A free nft marketplace for game developers to list and sell in-game items and skins
● Creepgame: A low-cost marketplace selling games, software, and gift cards at unbeatable prices for a variety of gaming devices.
● SmurfXI: An electronic sports hybrid in which users can bet on rated games and earn rewards by participating in various events.

SwapXI Use Cases:
Businesses save the trouble and expense of transaction fees and exchange rates since cryptocurrency is decentralized. The money is channeled straight from the sender to the recipient through SwapXi, eliminating any middlemen and drastically lowering expenses. When making SwapXI payments, the company is not obligated to divulge any personal information because the payments are fully anonymous and protect customer privacy.
NFT marketplace :
An NFT token (non-fungible token) is a one-of-a-kind digital certificate kept on the blockchain that confirms the item’s uniqueness and grants it exclusive rights. This idea originated in the realm of cryptocurrency. SwapXI is used as a payment gateway in “Senpaiz”, an exclusive NFT marketplace for game developers to list and sell in-game items and skins. This will allow developers of digital and physical collectibles to explore new revenue strategies. The purpose of Senpaiz’s project is to develop a well-known and commonly utilized NFT integration platform.
What does the SwapXI NFT marketplace bring more of?
● Enhance Transparency
● True Ownership
● Copyright Asset
● Authenticity
● Reduce the possibility of forgery.

Earn rewards:
There are three main ways of earning in the SwapXI ecosystem.
● Showcasing talent:
Streamcash in the SwapXi ecosystem allows talented users to showcase their talent and earn SwapXI token rewards. It’s a good platform for creative video content creators to monetize their content. Streamers can also integrate their preferred streaming sites with the Streamcash addon to generate additional revenue.
● Watching Videos:
Not only video providers, but also spectators, will earn SwapXI tokens in Streamcash. It keeps track of how much time viewers spend watching broadcasts and compensates them accordingly. Views are compensated in real time in their SwapXi wallets.
● Playing e-sports:
SMURFXI is a platform in the SwapXI ecosystem where users may play head hunter games to collect bounties from events and special pricing while gaming genuine peer-to-peer betting over the internet with SwapXI financial security. It allows gamers to compete in unique events in the most popular games for cash prizes.

Buy Game Services:
Creepgame, a blockchain-based gaming services company, uses SwapXI as its primary currency. Due to SwapXi’s quick transaction processing, buyers will receive their products within 10 minutes. Creepgame will provide services through reputable gaming, game card, and other service suppliers. Buyers can choose from more than 10,000 different goods.
A decentralized exchange (DEX) is an exchange that functions on the basis of a distributed ledger, does not keep user cash or personal data on its computers, and solely serves as a platform for matching orders to purchase or sell user assets. Trading on such platforms occurs directly between participants (peer-to-peer), with no financial middlemen involved. SwapXi dex uses SHA256 encryption and provides users with safe peer-to-peer processing, with the platform serving as a trustee. SwapXi users may also use its peer-to-peer exchange.

Apart from it, SwapXI will have many more applications in the future. Secure some SwapXI tokens and go on a beautiful and exciting trip with other members of the community.