SwapXI focuses on Play to earn and Metaverse Ecosystem

SwapXI is an ecosystem that combines the gaming industry, NFT marketplace, digital streaming
and betting facilities under one umbrella. Play to earn is the hottest topic in Metaverse and
SwapXI ecosystem based on play to earn concept; users can earn tokens by performing various
tasks then can trade their tokens on exchanges.

SwapXI is a social token that uses blockchain technology to provide a unique gaming
experience by including community members in decision-making and giving them a significant
interest in its development. SwapXI protected the community members security, privacy and
anonymity – all the transactions are entirely anonymous.

Earn with SwapXI

There are opportunities for every member in SwapXI’s Metaverse to earn rewards. These are
the four primary ways to earn rewards in SwapXI’s ecosystem.


Streamcash is a platform addon that allows users to earn tokens for streaming and viewing
streams. People use this medium to engage with their admirers, idols, and viewers worldwide by
displaying their creative spirit through videos.
If you’re a creative person who wants to show off your skills to the world, you should check out
our platform. The gateway allows you to connect your preferred streaming platforms with our
extension to gain additional revenue.
You view a stream from the first second; you can start earning money with our unique software.
Our app keeps track of how much time you spend watching a broadcast and charges the
appropriate amount to your SXI wallet in real-time.


SmurfXI is a platform where users may play head hunter games to collect bounties, participate
in our events to gain special prizes, and engage in genuine peer-to-peer betting over the
internet with parties that have never met before, which is now possible due to SwapXI financial

The system is safe, and the software and transactions have proven trustworthy and fair. When
you consider how simple it is to pay for a bet in SmurfXI and how large bets may be placed, it’s
clear to see why SmurfXI Betting is the future of the gaming metaverse.


Senpaiz provides game creators with a free NFT marketplace to quickly advertise and sell game
objects and skins. Our goal is to create the world’s most advanced NFT integration platform for
the gaming industry.
The main goal of Senpaiz is to develop a well-known and commonly utilised NFT integration
platform. Senpaiz NFT’s underlying token encodes a unique genome that specifies its look,
traits, and hereditary ancestry.


On our Creepgame portal, you can always find a vast selection of our trusted sellers in the field
of games, online games, virtual currencies, game cards, credit cards, and much more in the
gaming metaverse at fair prices.
You may acquire your delivery at Creepgame for a fair price, and it will be processed safely and
reliably via the blockchain. You will have your product within 10 minutes, ready to download,
thanks to SwapXI’s quick transaction processing.
Creepgame begins with selecting over 100 video games and apps to choose from. By the end
of the DFO, SwapXI hopes to have added over 10,000 products and amass a customer base of
500,000 people.

Why SwapXI Ecosystem fits perfectly in Metaverse?
To survive the competition, it is essential for any model how conventionally provide quality to
their users, and that’s where SwapXI is doing great. With the following feature, we offer the best
user experience.

Minimal Transactions Fee
SwapXI transaction fees are significantly lower than those linked with debit and credit cards,
wire transfers, and most other cryptocurrencies.

No Complication
SwapXI is valuable because of its ease of use. All you need is a smart smartphone and an
internet connection to make payments and money transfers on your own.

No Borders
SwapXI has no geographical boundaries; therefore, these can be utilised anywhere in the world.
This has a significant impact on international payment fees. International transfers and
payments have historically had substantially higher fees than domestic transfers and payments.
SwapXI accepts international payments and transfers the same way it agrees to domestic
revenues and transfers.

Quick Transfer
Generally, it takes so long to transfer funds internationally. Still, because SwapXI is entirely
decentralised, any transfer is completed in a matter of seconds, reducing the inconvenient wait
times associated with traditional permission procedures